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Sawmill Vysoká Pec

The 17 825m2 territory of the sawmill Vysoká Pec is located close to Nejdek at Rolava river bank. Thanks to its covenient position in the middle of forests of Ore Mountains, in the triangl formed by railway from one side, the river from other side and from third side by the road is its history nearly centenial.

During that period the sawmill has became a regionally important plant in its branch. We give accent on the product quality, reliability and above all on customers satisfaction. Continuously we invest into new technology and improve our product program. In 2014 we put into operation a  band saw PRIMULTINY for wood processing so we reach high quality and accuracy of the cut.



Karlovarská 49
362 21 Nejdek, CZ
phone : +4203825017
E-mail: info@woodrol.cz